Leaflet is the only solution that lets you create bespoke legal documents and use Automation for accuracy and compliance.

The fastest. The easiest. The lawyers’ choice.


Connect Leaflet Contract Automation to your
current CLM and start to enjoy your job again!


Use Leaflet Document Automation to serve your
clients better and more cost effectively.

No Programming. Really.

When the other vendors say “No programming required”, what they really mean is, “No programming for just the simple documents”. Try creating new documents, modifying forms, or producing new variations – and let the programming begin.

The Leaflet No Programming Advantage puts you in total control. So you can stay on schedule, get more done, serve clients efficiently, and spend less time reinventing the wheel.

10,000+ users across the globe count on Leaflet

  • Using the Leaflet Platform, creating and publishing templates into our contract portal for business users is painless. In addition, with Salesforce Integration, creation of agreements is even easier with relevant data pre-populated.
    Shannon Copeland, N3
  • With Leaflet, we can process even the most complex loans a lot faster. It's giving us a huge competitive advantage.


    DB Law


Speed Instant Automation

Everything you automate goes live instantly so you can test as you go. Other systems re-assemble the document every time you build each variable.

Simplicity Draft in MS Word

Work directly within Word to create documents without the headaches that other, siloed systems give you.

Savings Real-Time Drafting

See your changes immediately as you work and avoid long, time-draining delays, even while negotiating third-party documents.

Collaboration Microsites

Set up secure portals for your entire team to keep them on the same page and avoid the pitfalls of older systems: chaos and hope.

Control Multi-Document Templates

Update multiple deal documents from a single template. You’re not forced to combine everything first and then later labor to separate it all.