Analyze and edit counterparty docs
with your preferred standards

Automated drafting helps legal departments and law firms better manage their contract workload. But it’s only part of the story. Because at any given time, half of the lawyers working on documents are working with something someone else drafted. At other times, lawyers are negotiating and working with redlined documents.

In Leaflet Playbook, a play is a set of your preferred and fallback text provisions, with built-in negotiation and usage guidelines. These plays display alongside the document you’re reviewing and editing in Word. Open a counterparty document and automatically extract terms and clauses. Leaflet Playbook auto-analyzes document text and presents you with guidance and approved, alternate provisions relevant to that text allowing you to scan those provisions and locate the one that fits best.

One click redlines your best practice language into the document. With Word’s Track Changes turned on, Playbook creates instant redlines.

Leaflet Playbook will:

  • Automatically identify key provisions and terms
  • Find worrisome counterparty text and sync it to your preferred provisions
  • Flag text in Word® and present a smart checklist of items to review
  • Speed negotiations, while ensuring compliance and consistency