Analyze your documents to build reports
and a better contracting process

Leaflet’s document automation provides tremendous operational efficiencies for you and your team. Leaflet Insight can also provide you with incredible long-term, strategic benefits across your entire organization.

Bring big data decision making support by capturing all of the components that go into every document you create. Leaflet Insight lets you review the data and see the bigger picture. Every agreement that your firm or company creates can now be analyzed and leveraged to provide you with the business intelligence you need to make better decisions.

Use Leaflet Contract Intelligence to generate pre-built reports, or easily create custom reports to view your transaction data. The Leaflet No Programming Advantage provides every user the tools they need to create customized reports with no programming and no coding.

Leaflet Insight will change the way you do business:

  • Get a full view of the relationships between contracting parties, and enter negotiations with a real competitive edge.
  • Identify trends within the business units that drive the contracting process – so that you can address the business reasons behind those trends.
  • Align business needs across agreements, across business lines or practice areas and create operational efficiencies never before achievable.