Create templates for all your contracts,
with no programming

Leaflet Authoring makes template creation fast and easy. Authoring works seamlessly, enabling users to automate complex documents by simply highlighting and clicking content right inside Microsoft Word.

The Leaflet No Programming Advantage means automating even the most complex, detailed sets of documents is intuitive and frictionless, to get all your content – forms, clauses, rules – automated fast.

Leaflet Authoring includes the Question Library, a custom, ready-to-use repository for all questions and form elements. They can be organized, stored and re-used again and again as many times as you need for D-I-Y templates. This saves you time and ensures consistency when creating templates.

  • Simple in-Word palette to point-and-click your way through complex, multi-document automation tasks
  • Work in real time: everything you automate is live instantly.
  • No programming! Leaflet is the only document automation system that can do this all without having to learn to code or hire programmers
  • Translate complex “legalese” into simple, client-friendly prose to create questionnaires that users will want to answer
  • Guides and resource utilities provide you with real-time directions to make even your most complex templates easy to use