With Leaflet, progressive Law Firms can deliver faster and more cost-effective service to every client

  • Satisfy clients who are demanding more and more – and want to pay less and less
  • Use automation and the Clause library to draft documents up to 80% faster without ever leaving Microsoft Word
  • Draft freely using Leaflet Draftlive™ to make custom changes to documents or templates at any time!
  • Automate even the most complex multi-document transactions efficiently and affordably because there’s absolutely no programming!



Put the power of Leaflet’s automation right inside Microsoft Word. See changes in real time as you’re drafting and quickly create complete, compliant, precisely controlled contracts.

Clause Libraries

Point and click repositories of approved clauses for each transaction type, practice area, or client save valuable time and ensure accuracy.


Template automation is fast and easy. Automate complex multi-document contracts without any programming by simply highlighting and clicking content in Word.


Publish branded, highly-secure online contract creation portals. Any client’s mobile device, anywhere, can create contracts from custom templates authored by your firm.

Leaflet empowers Lawyers to draft faster, while still retaining all of the control required to make each document bespoke. Attorneys can select pre-automated forms, answer questions, and use clause libraries to generate dynamic  agreements and watch the changes occur live.

Our Leaflet Draftlive advantage means attorneys can draft, not “assemble”, in a live Word® document while utilizing all of the features that document automation provides.

Leaflet’s Client Collaboration Solutions allow attorneys to conduct intake and collect deal information within a secure online portal. Each Microsite can be customized, public or private, to meet your firm’s individual needs.

After creating an automated template, attorneys and clients can collaborate to generate documents in a fraction of the normal drafting time. Microsites streamline the flow of information saving time and preventing missed messages.

Data from deals can then be captured and reused to save even more time when creating future deals.