What is Leaflet?

Whether you work at a business law firm – large or small – or in a corporate legal department, Leaflet was designed to simplify your work. Our flexible, fully customizable system requires no programming, letting you quickly build high-integrity, reusable forms – even complex, multi-document ones.

The Leaflet Document Automation Platform works the way you do: It incorporates your documents, your language, your rules, your process. It seamlessly connects to every major document-related technology, whether you use Salesforce for CRM, iManage or NetDocuments for document management, Microsoft Office or Google Apps for productivity, or SAP for ERP.

Creating efficiencies and driving productivity

Our advanced features – Authoring, Webforms, Microsites, Workflow, DraftLive, Playbook, Insight, Signature and Connectors – drive productivity and profitability by streamlining the processes of document intake, analysis, comparison, drafting, editing, workflow, risk management, and contract administration. With Leaflet, law firm and law department professionals can easily create, analyze, and manage documents securely from anywhere, anytime.

Giving you the control you need over the entire process

Leaflet automatically structures legal document drafting with active elements that alert you to critical items as they require your attention. Precise, flexible permissions allow you to control who can access or alter documents, individual clauses, or specific elements within those documents. Our Webforms and Microsites features deliver these features to users in your workgroup or practice area, your department, company-wide or worldwide across all mobile devices. We make it easy for you to implement and manage controls for:

  • Better risk management
  • Full compliance with internal rules and drafting conventions
  • Better compliance with external statutes & regulations
  • Instant visibility into executed deals
  • More control over customer/client retention
  • Continuous best practices

Get all the benefits of document automation.

With Leaflet, you, your employees and associates, and your customers and clients can all readily comply with your best practices while doing their work better, faster and more accurately.