Take Control of your transactions with Leaflet

Leaflet empowers Lawyers to draft faster, while still retaining all of the control required to make each document bespoke. Users can select pre-automated forms, answer questions, and use the Clause Library to generate dynamic agreements and watch the changes occur live.

Leaflet’s Salesforce integration allows users to begin the document creation process directly in Salesforce, and pull in relevant information that has already been added to the opportunity, such as contact information, and other key terms.

Using Leaflet with Salesforce

Leaflet’s Saleforce integration enables legal departments, contract managers or and operations teams to take all or part of the questionnaires that drive transactions and publish them for document creation.

Each questionnaire published out in this fashion is called a “Leaflet.” These Leaflets can be automatically filled with values you’ve already entered in your contact or opportunity, or any other integrated system. Any user who has been granted access to a Leaflet can use it to start their transactions and then generate as many versions as required for any deal.

Leaflets are flexible, mobile interviews that you extract from your automated forms and share with anyone who might request documents from you.

Let’s take a look at a few of the features available in the Leaflet-Salesforce integration.

With the Leaflet-Salesforce Integration, users can access all of the benefits of the Leaflet Platform directly within Salesforce.
You can start a new transaction from anywhere within Salesforce. Starting within an opportunity will automatically pull any mapped data into your questionnaire.
The Leaflet Contracts tab give you the ability to edit, manage, duplicate, and customize your agreements.
Select your template, and complete your drafting process without ever leaving salesforce.
Use auto-filled information to reduce drafting time.