Clause Libraries

Access approved, compliant language instantly

Leaflet Clause Libraries save you valuable time and ensure accuracy by giving you a custom, searchable knowledge base of clauses at your fingertips. You and your users get approved language that can be quickly accessed and re-used while drafting. The Leaflet Platform supports multiple Clause Libraries, giving all you the relevant clauses you need, arranged individually, for a group, a practice, a department, or the entire organization.

Clause Libraries have the Leaflet No Programming Advantage, so you can easily capture the knowledge of your most experienced subject matter experts regardless of their technical abilities.

It’s simple: preferred language can be added to one or more libraries at any time, by any approved user, instantly, by highlighting and clicking the clauses right inside Microsoft Word. User Rights Management allows you to control who can adjust language and keep your “special” clauses immutable. There’s no programming and no coding, meaning anyone can share their experience and knowledge with other users.