Auto-extract and distribute signature
packages and e-signatures

Leaflet Signature automates signature page extraction and distribution to save time, ensure accuracy, eliminate common headaches, and enable much faster deal execution. Even a simple, run-of-the-mill transaction may have in-deal documents, certificates, consents, and waivers that can easily involve dozens of documents, signatories, and of course, signatures.

Leaflet Signature makes it all seamless. Just one click after you complete drafting, and Leaflet Signature presents you with a list of deal constituents. Select some or all of those constituents and click again. Leaflet Signature automatically extracts, compiles, and collates the relevant signature pages for each person you select. You can email each signer their own page(s), and/or create closing binders, saving you frustration and freeing your staff for more important work.

For even faster deal execution, Leaflet Signature integrates with virtually all e-signature software providers such as DocuSign.