Concept Clauses

One source of truth, unlimited application.

Leaflet Concept Clauses are clauses that are maintained and managed Account-wide, rather than existing only in a single template. Accordingly, they can be updated in one central nexus, and those changes filter down through each template containing the clause.

Concept clauses can be locked or unlocked for editing based on Account level permissions. This gives users the freedoms to dictate options, or simply use concepts as a starting point for more bespoke template creation.

It’s simple: preferred language can be updated across all your templates, by any approved user, instantly.

  • User Rights Management allows you to control who can adjust language and keep your “special” clauses immutable.
  • There’s no programming and no coding, meaning anyone can share their experience and language with other users.
  • One source of truth ensures compliance across all of your documents.