Direct the entire contracting process
to your standards

Leaflet Workflow automates your routine and repetitive document creation, collaboration, and management tasks, collapsing the inefficiencies and delays that so often frustrate you and your clients or business users.

With Workflow, you can drive productivity and profitability by streamlining the processes of document intake, analysis, comparison, drafting, editing, knowledge management, risk management, and contract administration.

Leaflet Workflow alerts you to critical items that require your attention, ensuring you, your employees, associates, and your clients/customers can all readily comply with your best practices. Leaflet Workflow accelerates your deals, gives you greater control, and frees your high-value people to do high-value work:

  • Take control of the entire contract process, without becoming a control freak.
  • Track deals by automatically structuring legal document drafting with active elements.
  • Precise, flexible permission allows you to control who can access or alter documents right down to individual clauses or elements.
  • Set configurable routing processes based on document types and user groups.