Draft documents the way you want,
within Word, or without

Leaflet DraftLive empowers you to create complete, compliant, precisely controlled documents up to 80% faster.

DraftLive plugs right into Microsoft Word giving you multiple drafting modes
for pinpoint control to draft faster with fewer errors. Answer embedded questions and watch dozens of prescribed changes ripple through multiple documents in real-time. One click inserts approved language from your custom Clause Libraries. As your documents assemble, drop your cursor into Word and make fine-tune edits anywhere, in any document, instantly.

Complex transaction documents can contain hundreds of branching and interconnected attributes, any of which can affect dozens of provisions across multiple deal documents. Leaflet manages all of the complex logic for you. Leaflet’s Draftlive smart checklists and filters make it easy to collaborate and keep track of your drafting progress, so you and your colleagues always know what you have and haven’t yet drafted, completed, or reviewed.

  • Document creation, editing, and workflow that makes you faster and more profitable
  • Easy to learn and use because it operates right inside Microsoft Word
  • Flexibility to draft single, standalone documents or complex multi-document sets
  • Switch between multiple modes – draft by answering smart interviews, dragging and dropping special purpose language from searchable Leaflet Clause Libraries, or typing fine-tune edits directly into Word
  • See changes immediately as they occur; there’s no need for a preview mode.
  • Automatically extract, compile, and distribute signature packages and/or integrate with DocuSign or virtually any e-signature provider take
  • Integrated Redline Tools let you extend your automation through 3rd party negotiation