Set up secure document portals to keep the
entire team on the same page

Leaflet Microsites make client-lawyer and law department-business user interactions much more proactive, timely, and efficient, accelerating deals and greatly improving customer satisfaction.

With Leaflet Microsites, you can set up multiple, highly secure document portals for your entire team – internal and external – to keep them on the same page. With their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, one click opens a Webform to generate a fully drafted, fully compliant document—in Word or PDF.

Leaflet Microsites make real time document creation and management secure and collaborative:

  • Pull deal information from front-end sales or client relationship management systems
  • Reduce confusing, time-consuming, potentially risky email traffic
  • Define document-level workflows
  • Automate approvals and reporting
  • Securely share document tasks with clients and colleagues