Compare & Merge

Compare versions with confidence

Leaflet’s Compare & Merge empowers you to take precise control of your redline process.

Compare & Merge plugs directly into Microsoft Word giving you the ability to continue your normal negotiation workflow. With a few short clicks, you can review, accept, reject, or adjust any changes made to your document. Leaflet’s Compare & Merge gives you the complete automation history of the document, and allows you to adjust third-party responses to be more in line with your variable positions.

Complex transaction documents can contain hundreds of branching and interconnected attributes, any of which can affect dozens of provisions across multiple deal documents. Leaflet Compare and Merge lets you manage all of those pieces simultaneously. Make a change once, and let it ripple down through all the documents within a transaction.

  • Redline review gives you an at-a-glance summary of all changes made to the document
  • Easy to learn and use because it operates right inside Microsoft Word
  • Integrated automation allows changes to ripple through every document in a transaction
  • Leaflet’s Merge gives you a clean document that still retains your automated attributes