Easily convert your work into forms
to manage the entire process

Leaflet Webforms help lawyers and contracts managers deliver more responsive service by enabling you to easily publish forms online for clients and colleagues.

A Webform is a guided, web-based document-generating questionnaire that securely connects your forms to anyone, using any device, just about anywhere in the world. And they’re incredibly easy for you to create and control.

Use Webforms to drive new business while ensuring that drafted documents comply with your standards. For more complex work or more sensitive matters, you can just as easily create collaborative Webforms to guide dealmakers through structured questionnaires and submit the results back to you for review.

The Leaflet No Programming Advantage means you can create, publish and modify multiple Webforms from your automated templates in just minutes, with no programmers and no coding.

  • Make it easy for clients or others in the organization to create fully compliant DIY documents at their desk, or remotely from their mobile devices
  • Each Webform can be self-service or collaborative
  • Webform access is highly secure to protect your data and ensure they’re available only to authorized users